Our team involved in Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment in Malaysia is efficient in managing everything needed: from installation, smooth-running of the equipment and finally, removal of the equipment- all, to serve your event to the best.
Our rental service of simultaneous interpretation equipment in Malaysia provides a range of equipment for different events, from interpreter booths, interpreter desks to wireless transmitters and receivers (portable and installed).
Exploring Our Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Solutions:
  • Bosch Integrus Digital Infra-red Receivers
  • Bosch Digital Transmitter
  • Infrared Transmitters
  • Infrared Radiators
  • FM Receivers and Transmitters
  • Bosch DCN-IDESK Interpreter’s Desk c/w Headphones
  • Central Control Unit
  • Conference Microphone
  • SI System & Ear Set Rental
  • ISO Compliance Audio Pack Soundproof Interpreter Booth